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Written by The Pnut Project Team   
Alpha2-RC1 is now available.

Features include the following:

- XFCE 4.2
- Mplayer
- XMMS with skins courtesy of Jay Klepacs (thanks for the skins!)
- Abiword
- Gambas 1.0.6, GCC full development set (includes kernel headers, devel libs, the works)
- kdelibs and kdebase for KDE program compatibility
- 2.4.31 kernel with a modified squashfs patch (original squashfs patch was up to 2.4.28 only)
- submount and unionfs kernel modules (submount is a kernel module for removable devices such as cdroms and floppies)
- lshwd (from arklinux, lists usb and pci devices and automatically modprobes and install detected hardware, you can use this instead of hotplug, and it's faster)
- xisp
- checkinstall for package creation
- swaret and kswaret for package management
- qemu for PC emulation
- parted and qtparted for partition management
- Mozilla browser with plugins
- Directfb libraries
- qingy 0.6.0 - a replacement for the agetty program, which makes you have a graphical login screen - just make sure you enable fb in your lilo.conf
- qingy themes
- updated xfcg scripts and hardware detection scripts.

Also, the DOS pnutproject installer has been updated. Works great as ever. Just unzip the files to c:\pnut and place pnut.bz2 in c:\pnut as well and run ram.bat

Here are the links:

dos installer

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