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Written by The Pnut Project Team   


We have been pleased to offer, as a service to the aLinux community, a smaller iso of aLinux version 12.7. This version fits on a standard 700Mb cd. While it is our desire to support aLinux, as well as continue our main project, PnutOS in the future, hosting is not free. In order for our work to continue, we need your financial support.

As I'm sure you can imagine, a lot of work goes into an endeavor such as this, not to mention the proverbial "man" wanting money for internet access, utilities, and the like. The Pnut Project is proud to provide what we hope has been a useful service to PnutOS™ and aLinux™ users alike by providing access to both current and archived versions of aLinux™ as well as development of a complementary tgz based PnutOS.

Currently, our aLinux repositories are offline. Bandwidth and space permitting some form of the free repository will return, with some portions made available by paid access or through project membership.

Please consider taking a moment to show your support for our work by making a donation.
Smaller.iso can be found here: Currently Offline
The md5sum is 847662313dc8843f32102c17599147f1


The Pnut Project Team

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